I ho’okahi kahi ke aloha. Be ONE in LOVE.
— Hawaiian Proverb. Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui

From the deepest and darkest depths of a mighty ocean where lies the tranquil ocean floor, the peace was interrupted by a tumultuous rupture that had occurred far, far below its turbulent surface.  As eons passed the molten rock that had spilled forth from this massive crack of The Earth in the remote middle of the Pacific Ocean, was born the Islands of Hawaii.  The oral traditions of the native people tell of a creation story of the universe. From darkness is found creation and from the darkness comes light and life, to the eventual birth and union of man and woman.

Hawaii is more than just a postcard and grass skirts.  These far-off, isolated Islands posses unparalleled natural beauty, a rich thriving culture of its’ Hawaiian people, and a spirit of enduring Aloha that permeates all who experience it.  Authenticity is often searched for but not always found.   The real Hawaii is a sought-after pearl that should be treasured, as well as nurtured.  It is a destination that harbors a uniqueness all its’ own and can only be truly experienced when one is ready to receive it.

Let me bring my culture, the culture of the Hawaiian people to you.

These Islands are a special place and it brings me fulfillment when I can share it with those who want to experience it.  On your wedding day let it be genuine and distinctive, a day to be remembered and cherished. 

                                                                                -Kahu Ka'alekahi