Below, you will find an example of how my typical wedding ceremony unfolds. This ceremony includes optional chants and lei exchanges and can be customized to include your own vows, poems, and other details to make your wedding vision a reality. 

A beautiful video of a non-religious ceremony I performed. Video credit to Ohana Films

Post-Processional Intro:       

Now that these two have all of your attention, I would like to greet you all with this beautiful word from Hawaii that has been a Gift to the world, this word is ALOHA! (Group Replies back with ALOHA)  We must remind ourselves everyone that this word ALOHA means much more than Hello or Goodbye, ALO in the word ALOHA means to be in the presence of or face-to-face and HA meaning the exhale or the breathe of life!  When we enter this world we breathe and when we leave this world we will breathe our last breath, and the wind that we feel is the breathe of the world that is a gift so we may all breathe.  So saying ALOHA to someone is that recognition of that life breathe that you share, you are telling them that they are a living being someone full of life and purpose and they have relationship just like you do…And that you love them!  We are all so very fortunate today because we have two very special people standing before us that love each other very much, and what we would like them to do is to look at each other say ALOHA and give a kiss on the cheek!

“So with that proper greeting Id like to take this moment for us all to truly be here, to clear our minds of any thought about the past or the future and to be here NOW in the present where the sacred lies…And the way that we do that everyone is we have to engage all of our senses, because just as much as these two chose one another to become husband and wife this day they also chose this place to do such a thing.  eg.  So take in all the sights, sounds and smells, the beauty that surrounds you or “Look at the beauty of the pacific ocean, hear the sound of the waves and of the birds, smell the plants and the salty air”

And most importantly, they also chose all of you to be the representatives of all of their relations across the world, in itself that is very significant, so please look at those next to you, sitting across from you, behind you and also standing before you!  You all are family and friends joined together as these two are being united together.  So I am asking for our full attentiveness this day everyone because this celebration of love, this ceremony between BRIDE and GROOM is just a moment in the expanse of time and when this moment has passed us what we have left are the memories we create…so lets makes some beautiful memories everyone, because when we return to our own home and get back into daily life, many times we forget what is most important in our lives, and what is most important is happening at this very moment, friends, family, relationship and love!  So if you all agree with me and want to make this a moment to be remembered, in Hawaii we say ‘AE which means YES a loud ‘AE from everyone on 3…1…2…3 (Listen for them)     

Lei Exchange:

So now that we are all in agreement have here for them these gifts of love.  Here in Hawaii we have many sayings one of them is "E lei no au i ko ALOHA" which means Ill cherish your love as a beautiful adornment.  Here in these islands respect, honor, ALOHA, which means compassion empathy, love and grace is given to a person when placing a lei upon their shoulders.  This beautifully crafted lei with its handpicked flowers and twin is a symbol of that never ending love but it is also a symbol of those things that are fragile and temporal.  For this lei will last for a day or two and then it is gone, our lives are like these lei in the span of eternity so live with tender consideration for each other BRIDE and GROOM.  Love one another with all of your hearts and remember that when you exchange these lead you are weaving your own lei of love to last for all time, Does that sound good to you both?  (Give the GROOM the lei first, when he places it, then give the lei to the BRIDE)


With that giving of gifts of love, I have my own gift to offer to all of you and especially for the BRIDE and GROOM.  This gift is a chant or prayer, whichever word you prefer because they mean the same thing here in Hawaii.  This prayer is called Oli ALOHA, a chant of love and of greeting, in part what it says is this here is the sight that had longed to be seen between these two, a desire which had filled with eagerness, and now that this moment has arrived love has been brought with them, not only evident with all of you here physically but also loved ones companions family and friends who have touched their lives in a significant way that may not be here physically but are here in spirit…This prayer recognizes them and acknowledges their presence, and goes a little bit like this 

Onaona i ka hala me ka Lehua

He hale lehua no ia na ka noe

O ka’u no ia e ‘ano’i nei

E li’a nei ho’i o ka hiki mai

A hiki mai no ‘oukou

A hiki pu no me ke aloha

Aloha e…Aloha e…Aloha e

“As you two look into each others eyes”  There was a seeking of a loved one GROOM and she has been found in BRIDE.  A mate has been found someone to share the chills of winter with and the warmth of summer a  beloved companion to share in the beauties and the wonders of this world, also in the triumphs over the challenges in life great journey.  Love has made a plea that the two of you shall be united here on Maui, “And everyone, that plea is being answered, the dream is being realized at this very moment, so give them a round of applause to congratulate them on getting married today!!” 


Greeting and Welcoming:

We are all here on this beautiful day of (DATE) to witness the unification of BRIDE and GROOM here at (LOCATION).  Its on this day that these have chosen to affirm their love for one another with spoken words, music, and prayer, but most importantly the sharing of sacred vows and the giving of tokens of their everlasting love for each other their wedding rings.  “So you two, every experience you have ever had, everything you have ever done, and every lesson that you have learned has brought you here!  And as you stand before these witnesses this day, your family and friends Please look at them now…You are taking each other as HUSBAND and WIFE.  “And We must remind ourselves everyone that what we see with these two are not simply two individuals in isolation, but they are the totality of all of their experiences and relationships, which includes all of you.  This I know is another hope, prayer, and wish of all of you present that this love they have for each other will continue to grow, strengthen and be perpetuated.  That they will continue to do the things that made them fall in love with each other in the first place.  And that they will do those every day, daily, even mundane things for each other, showing one another that they are willing to work for this love/relationship/marriage…We all know marriage is love and it takes work too, work being the thing you are least likely to do, but I know if they have ever asked anyone who has been married for quite some time, they will tell them that this labour of love will deepen and enrich every facet of their lives.  You will become better teachers and listeners, better lovers and confidents, but most importantly you will become better BEST friends for eachother.  Marriage is LOVE everyone, and we all know that LOVE is standing before us this day, a LOVE that is real and true, for LOVE is what is most important in our lives.  It is the creator of our favorite memories such as this one happening RIGHT NOW, a memory we all said that we would help create, LOVE is also the foundation of our fondest of dreams, the dreams that have come to be realized and the dreams of possibility, what BEAUTIFUL dreams to be had between these two…So I have heard and as it has been told to me, that the most WONDERFUL of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom ones relationship has a growing depth, and beauty and joy as the years increase.  This inner progressiveness of love between two people is a most marvelous thing and I don’t think it can simply be found or wished for you two, but it is called a DIVINE DESTINY.  So it is my own hope, wish, and prayer for you that all of your family and friends, those that love you, will continue to be there for you, to love you, to guide you, to share, support, and give to you, as you continue on your LIFES JOURNEY to fulfill your destinies together!  “NOW if you all agree and make your own vows to them, that you will be there through the highs and the lows, the thick and the thin, no matter the circumstance a loud ‘AE from all of you on 3…1…2…3!”

Declaration of Consent:  

          (Groom/Bride) do you give yourself to (Groom/Bride) this day with complete joy and love as a partner in this life’s journey, and to be a true, faithful (Husband/Wife).  Do you promise to be a companion to comfort (him/her), respect (him/her), cherish, love and honor (him/her) for the rest of your days?  If so say “I DO”

Wedding Vows: 

          I (Groom/Bride) choose you (Groom/Bride) for my wedded (Husband/Wife) to be your companion, equal in love, to be faithful and honest, to help and support you, through loss and success. I shall seek through kindness and understanding to achieve with you the life we have envisioned.  I vow to love you unconditionally, to cherish you entirely, to care for you sincerely, and to hold your love as the most precious gift as we make this journey together.

Ring Presentation:        

For as long as time can be remembered the ring has been symbolic of the completed bond.  The ring is without beginning and without end, it goes on forever.  Circles of love, Circles of LIFE, these rings are given and received as tokens of never-ending love, so with that being said you two look into each others eyes.  “This is a hope, a wish, and a prayer of all of your family and friends that the two of you will continue to see the best in each other each and every day that you are together.  That you will LOVE one another with all of your hearts, and if you are ever away from eachother you will know that you are never truly apart.  Because these rings will serve as reminders of the special love that you share, the sacred vows that you have declared to one another this day, all of the cherished memories and experiences you hold dear, and they will be the physical representation of the deeply inward spiritual bond and commitment that unites you both, can you do that for each other?”


Exchange of the Rings:

          Now repeat these words after me as you place this ring on your (Husband/Wife).

          This ring is my sacred gift to you, a symbol of my Love, a sign that from this day forever and always, my love will surround you, I give myself to you to be your (Husband/Wife) and from this moment on, you will never walk alone.  I feel so honored to have you as my (Husband/Wife).  I love you with all of my heart.  All that I have, and all that I have said, I seal it with this ring. 


           GROOM and BRIDE, you have been united as ONE.  May you share in each other Joys and console one another in your sorrows, HELP each other in all of life, care for each other truly and deeply putting this commitment before all else, if you LIVE for your LOVE, your LOVE will LIVE forever.  Trust in life and most importantly TRUST in each other, being HUSBAND and WIFE is the sweetest most enduring relateonship on EARTH so no matter what highs and lows you go through now you are more united than ever before.  My last little prayer for you both, “May beauty surround you in the journey ahead, may happiness be your constant companion, and may your days together be good and long upon this EARTH”  Let us all say MAHALO!  Mahalo is much more than expressing a thank you, it is a condition that you are in, a STATE of BEING, and that is gratitude, honor, and appreciation.  Your very living is the act of gratitude.  MAHALO to ke akua, to our elders our kupuna, our OHANA and HOALOHA family and friends, to this beautiful couple, and MAHALO to this land of HAWAII, E ke Akua Maunaloa, MAHALO MAHALO MAHALO, E OLA NO E.  TO life, may you both live long, fulfilling and meaningful lives.